Cockney Rabbit


Recently I have been asked questions about some of the lingo on my blog, especially from those outside of the UK. So I thought I would prepare a short list of slang for you to use as a ‘jargon-buster’ which may help to decipher some of my colloquialisms.

Rhyming slang is used widely in London, and you need to understand the concept especially if you want to understand Danny Dyer in Eastenders. Basically words that rhyme with the word you want to say are used…and often the word that actually rhymes is removed altogether (unrhyming slang), and you have to work it out!

Here a 20 popular cockney rabbit terms; (Rabbit and pork…talk)


1)”She’s a right old three wheeler”  (Three wheel trike – Dyke /Lesbian)

2) “He don’t fancy girls, he’s a Perry” (Perry Como- Homo)

3) “He was hit by a bullet from a Billie” (Billie Piper- Sniper)

4) “If you can’t get home, I’ll give you a Charlie”. (Charlie Pride- Ride)

5) “Im really tired, Im going for a feather” (Feather and Flip -Kip)

6) “Look at that oil rig he’s wearing!”  (Oil Rig-Wig)

7) “Pint of Lager please, I’ve got a right Geoff Hurst on”. (Geoff Hurst- Thirst)

8) “Stop crying and dry your Britney’s”. (Britney Spears -Tears)

9) “You’ve got chocolate all over ya Boat”. (Boat Race -Face)

10) “Im santa’d mate!” (Santa’s Grotto -Blotto/Drunk)

11) “She’s got a nice pair of Bristols.” (Bristol City- Titty)

12) “Blimey, It don’t half pen and ink in here!”(Pen and Ink- Stink)

13) “You heard about George Michael?..he’s brown bread! (Brown Bread- Dead)

14) “Had the Vauxhall Novas knock on my door last night.” ( Vauxhall Novas- Jehovas Witnesses)

15) “There are some right brasses out tonight!” (Brass Flute- Prostitute)

16) “Lend us a Pavarotti!” (Tenor/ Tenner/Ten pound)

17) “Shut that bleeding Roger!” (Roger Moore- Door)

18) “He got kicked in the fruit and nuts.” (Fruit and Nuts- Guts)

19) “Do us a cheesy!” (Cheesy Quaver -favour)

20) “He aint got a job, he’s on the Ashley!” (Ashley Cole- Dole)



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