#BigUpYourEurovision – UK Winners


At the time of publishing this post, the UK have had 5 victories at the Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight, 13th May 2017, the contest takes us to Kyiv, Ukraine, where Lucie Jones WILL sing her way to victory (delete as appropriate).

So in homage to all our previous winners and with  a little prayer to God Cheryl Baker….we wish Lucie the best of luck for tonight…. for thine is the ‘United’ Kingdom, the power and the glory…..gaymen.

You can join the debate live using the hashtag #BigUpYourEurovision from 8pm GMT.

Here are the winners from the UK:


Sandie Shaw- Puppet on a String  1967


Lulu- Boom Bang a Bang  1969

Brotherhood of Man- Save your Kisses for Me 1976

Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up -1981

Katrina and the Waves- Love Shine a Light 1997


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The Status Updates You’ll Find On Gay Men’s Facebook Pages in 2017



Ok so I know I am being a bit stereotypical here, and don’t speak on behalf of all fellow ‘Friends of Dorothy’, but here is a round up of all the statuses you are likely to see this year from your Gay BFF.


“Happy Birthday Dame Shirley…..80 years and still a legend…love you babes”


“Long Lost Family…Get the tissues ready…..Love Davina”


“Has nobody killed Donald Trump yet? The world needs a new Jackie’O’…..Melania would rock it as a widow”


“Ooh weather man says it’s gonna be 15 degrees tomorrow….roof down!”

May  13th 7.30pm

             ” Eurovision partyyyyyyyy…..Gotta good feeling about this year”

May 13th  11pm

” Cant believe the politics and bloc voting, how can FYR Macedonia win and we came last #Eurovision #politics #WhoWasThatHotGuyFromEstonia


“Im sorry…. but how can they cancel Eastenders because of the football….not everyone likes football”


“I need to find an outfit for Pride…should I go for hot pants and a pink boa, or the sailor outfit?”


“Lighting the candles on my Princess Diana shrine…cant believe it’s been 20 years” #peoplesprincess


“No more Gay pride events…..ooh wait Merthyr Tydfil and Stornaway !……iron that white vest top”.


“Woop Woop, Kylie’s Christmas tickets go on sale tomorrow….up at 5am!!”


“OMG they are re-running Bad Girls on ITV2…. Yvonne Atkins is a legend”


“Mariah!  you know I love you princess, but seriously If I hear you sing that Christmas song one more time I’m gonna launch one of my Uggs at the radio”.