Stepdad Hacks


Last weekend I learned some new techniques to achieve a happy household, many of which included bribes, but hey!, they worked so I thought I would share them:

Teenage girls like to hide themselves in their rooms glued to youtube, snapchat and,

Problem: How to get them out of their bedrooms and socialising with the world

Solution: Turn the electric off upstairs or threaten them with Grandma!

Personal hygiene is such a chore when you are teenager of a certain age, having a shower is precious time away from Caspar Lee and Conor Maynard.

Problem: How to get them in the Shower

Solution: Tell them they will end up smelling like…..’enter name of smelliest pikey you know’ here, or threaten them with Grandma.

You have just slaved over a homemade Lasagne and even gone to the trouble of picking out all the mushrooms and are met with ‘ I’m not hungry…I’m full up on biscuits’

Problem: How to make them eat their dinner you spent hours cooking

Solution: Hide all the treats and contents of the fridge, threaten them with Grandma.

When you need to go to the town to pick up some ‘juice’ for your e-cigarette, but the kids don’t want to come, and one of them is too young to be left alone!

Problem: How to get them to leave the house and come shopping with you.

Solution: Promise them a Footlong in Subway, or threaten them with Grandma.

When you want children to appreciate that music was so much better when there is a dance routine!

Problem: How to make them watch the Steps Live 2011 tour while you practice your dance moves!

 Solution: Tell them that Zoella likes Steps, or threaten them with Grandma.

When they haven’t brushed their teeth for 2 days because it’s way too much effort!

Problem: How to make them brush their teeth

Solution: Make them watch the Goonies and tell them if they don’t wash their teeth, they’ll look like Sloth … or threaten them with Grandma.

When they have French, Biology and ‘Social Science’ homework but the priority is getting through that ‘Friends’ box-set

Problem: How to make them do their homework…

Solution: Early easter egg for the 1st one to finish, or threaten them with Grandma.

When one bedroom looks like Beirut, and the other one looks like Big-Foot has been looting.

Problem: How to make them tidy their room

Solution: Give them a £5 budget for  the Pound shop, or threaten them with Grandma.

When you sit down to watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday night Takeaway and there are three different devices on full volume, playing youtube clips.

Problem: How to make them sit down a watch TV together

Solution: Change the password to the wifi…..or threaten them with Grandma.

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10 thoughts on “Stepdad Hacks

  1. Soul Gifts March 17, 2017 / 7:56 am

    HA – doesn’t sound much different to boys. I’d forget all the other options and just skitch Grandma onto them. Hell, have her move in! She sounds like one scary lady


  2. emfletche March 17, 2017 / 10:12 am

    Ha ha, love this! I have no teenage daughters but i do threaten our cactus sometimes with being left in the care of Grandma…


  3. Lutheranliar March 17, 2017 / 10:58 am

    just don’t let Grandma see this (very funny) post!


  4. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea March 17, 2017 / 1:24 pm

    I sense a theme, here.

    Little old ladies have a power unlike anything else in the universe, but I’d suggest you tread that path carefully, as this power is indiscriminate and can be wielded against you, the invoker, as easily as it can be used on the kids.

    Grandma’s can be terrifying.


  5. soulfood101blog March 17, 2017 / 5:47 pm

    LOLOLOLOLOL. I’d just keep the phone in hand, skip the bribery and (example) You: brush your teeth, Them: whatcha doing??? You: calling grandma…hahahahha. This has made my day, sheeewww.


  6. Ruth Daly March 19, 2017 / 6:27 pm

    Ha! What would we do without grandmas?


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